The Solitary Eclectic Witch

I adore nature and photography is one of my favourite hobbies!

Merry Meet!

My name is Jennifer and I have been a solitary witch for approximately 15 years. I say “approximately” because my journey towards the craft was more of a winding road than a straight and narrow path. When I was a teenager I had a great interest in all things occult including divination, spells, and working with spirits but because I lived in a very small, extremely Christian town, exploration was not something that was encouraged. My parents fell squarely into the Agnostic category, believing in a higher power of some sort but also believing strongly in the truth of science. My parents, specifically my father, raised me to think critically about everything I read and saw on tv and one particularly awesome English teacher in middle school was adamant that we question everything. I felt strongly that I needed a spiritual anchor in my life and owing to the fact that Christianity was the only flavour of spiritual available, I joined a church and youth group in an attempt to fill the need for a connection with the Universe.

Once I moved on to university in a bigger city, I was exposed to more variety of spiritual practices and through my late teens and early twenties I began to branch out. I was tired of all of organized Christianity’s rules about what I could and could not do and the exhausting amount of blame heaped on women for perceived spiritual insufficiencies. I was still fascinated by the occult but having spent years with the idea that witchcraft was evil, I was uncomfortable doing more than reading about it and started to explore Buddhism as a possible spiritual path. After reading more about it, however, it was clear that Buddhism had just as many rules and I wanted to live my life more freely, untethered to religious dogma.

My very best friend, Alex, introduced me to the Pagan path in my early twenties and after having her do a tarot reading for me, and listening to her explain some of the core Pagan beliefs, I was hooked. We took the bus to our local New Age/Occult supply shop where I connected with my first set of tarot cards and bought Scott Cunningham’s book Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. I immediately knew I was on the right path and read everything I could get my hands on so I could practice Wicca. I identified as Wiccan for five years or so, then stepped away from spell work and identified more as a spiritual Pagan for about five years. When I met the woman who would become my wife, I found a kindred spirit who loved nature as much as I do, and, who had dabbled in spells, dream interpretation and tarot cards. After we got married and bought our house, my wife was fully supportive in setting up the main altar as the focal point of our living room, growing herbs in our windows and having crystals, salt lamps and moon phases as wall art and decor. It was at this point that I felt most comfortable and began calling myself a Witch, accepting all of the positive and negative connotations that go along with that very powerful label. My wonderful wife does not identify as a Witch or Pagan but she is a natural and very connected to Nature. She frequently comes home from her walks in the woods with interesting shaped rocks, wildflowers, and feathers as gifts and additions to my altar.

I continue to practice solitary witchcraft, however I have recently discovered the extremely active Pagan community in my city and have joined the Pagan singers who perform and lead chants and songs at our Public Sabbat Rituals. I have also become an active member of several Facebook Witch communities and try to share my fifteen years of experience and knowledge with those just starting out. I also enjoy learning from those who have practiced longer than I have, and those with experience in branches of magic I have yet to explore.

I hope to continue my journey in Witchcraft through this blog, sharing helpful resources, spells and insights with all who stumble onto this page. Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

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